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Frequently Asked Questions

Which gas bottle do I need?

Servicing both the commercial and domestic markets, as an independent company we pride ourselves on the ability to deliver an extensive range of gas products at highly competitive prices in Hampshire and the surrounding areas.


If you can’t decide or are unsure what the difference is between our gas bottles and the correct one to use, then you’ve come to the right place.  Below you will find a the 5 main areas where you will need bottled gas and more information about them.  


Propane is a naturally occurring gas and along with butane, is one of the most common forms of bottled gas. Propane is normally sold in red bottles (or those canisters with conspicuous red markings) and butane sold in blue bottles.


Butane gas bottles are blue and propane gas bottles are red. Butane actually burns better and gives off more energy than either natural gas or propane, but that doesn’t automatically make it the best gas in Hampshire. As we have discussed in other articles, each gas has it’s unique properties and suitability for different scenarios around Hampshire.

BBQ & Patio Gas

The Hampshire weather keeps bottled gas suppliers in business all year round. Either way gas is needed for a nice BBQ in the sun, or it becomes a little chilly outside and the patio heater is wheeled out.

Camping Gas

One of the must have accessories for any camper is a stove with compatible camping gas bottles. Obviously this can be use for cooking but they can also be used for providing heat. Normally, the gas contained in the bottles or canisters is either propane or butane.

Fork Lift Gas

On first sight, many people are intrigued by the image of a Fork Lift Truck (FLT) with a gas bottle strapped to the rear of it. We are used to electric FLTs or diesel powered vehicles, but of course, gas is just another fuel and when it is conveniently packaged in removable bottles, it actually makes an ideal fuel for FLTs in Hampshire.

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